oh, it’s you again.

January 2, 2010

dear 2010,

you seemed to come without warning, allowing me almost no time to formulate any resolutions. i suddenly realized that with 39 minutes remaining on the first day of this new decade that my time for reflection was quickly draining. thanks a lot, next year can I have a good 3 day warning? but that’s not the case. resolutions, who needs them? we’d all wake up after the new-years-feel-good-honeymoon-period is over and realize that it was, in fact, not possible to spend 36 hours a week working out, eating only green beans for a month or sleeping a full 10 hours on a school night. so why set ourselves up for that guilt. nope, we’re starting from square one. absolutely nothing. clean slate.
so with that i say, bring it on. let’s see what you have in store this year.
ps: how would you like me to refer to you informally? 2010? twenty ten? ‘010? ’10?

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