January 4, 2010

Apparently flying out of BWI at odd hours is the way to go because I got through security at record breaking speed. In fact, I pulled a Shrek and ducked under some of those stupid line dividers (I only got a few weird looks). I didn’t even have enough time to pull out my boarding pass and ID – the TSA lady was less than pleased and shouted out a reminder (to the line of no one) to remember to have them ready. I would have if they had given me a longer line!

I’ve also discovered that airports are the way to get massloads of homework done. Maybe it’s because I have a good hour and a half to spare and no internet…..

wait hold it…

I just realized that I get free wi-fi so I can post this real-time! I guess the airport teamed up with google or someone to provide free internet through January 15th for the heavy travel season. Smart thinking guys.

but anyway I got all of my typography homework done and I even have time to write a blog post. And maybe play the sims (yes, mom, it did get packed after all. No, I won’t play it everyday. Ill show a little restraint, maybe back to 5 hours a day? Just kidding J)


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