January 11, 2010

I have an addiction problem.

I have a recently discovered addiction to hot beverages. Hot chocolate, Chai Tea, Chai Lattes, Tea, you name it, i’ll drink it. It’s bad guys, my day is made better by a cup of tea. Before class, during work, late at night. Is this something to be worried about? We have an entire cabinet dedicated to hot beverage mixes. Thursday night we went out and I got a tea bag sample thing. Most exciting thing ever because now I have CHOICES! Green tea, lemon tea, earl grey (that was today’s flavor). I’ll try to control myself.

Nothing too bad has gone on today. Last night was HOCKEYYYYY! RIT won 3 – 0 and the Caps won 8 -1. I was only at the RIT game though. After that we went over to our friend’s apt to watch The Hangover and make cookies! Which actually were not cookies because we messed up so it turned out like a cake instead but still tasty! Came back around 1:30 or whatever and found that the hall outside of our apartment smelled really strongly of alcohol (like seriously, i cannot breathe through my nose and I could smell it) plus there were empty beer bottles on the stairs. Oh college. Went to bed and woke up this morning to the lovely sound of the fire alarm! Fifth time this year. Luckily it was a warm 8 degrees outside (up from the -1 it was last night) so it wasn’t too bad. Came back in and after another 10 minutes another alarm went off. We didn’t even bother leaving the second time.

butttttt (haha butt lol potty jokes im mature) were going to go watch a movie and be goofy.

note: it has seriously taken me all day to write this post ive been so add

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