possessed washers

January 13, 2010

i can now update my blog from the comfort of my living room! how neat. maybe one of these days ill get around to making a video or something to put up.

anyway, life continues to be more interesting than i was originally banking on.
last night we went on a midnight trip to walmart to buy a router for wireless.
got out of work today an hour early so that i could come meet the internet guy. got that all installed and started cleaning and moving things before the bug guy came to do a final check. had to wrestle with the router nonsense because they dont install wireless automatically. got that all figured out.
tonight is the final moving of everything. including lots of laundry.

i went down and much to the dismay of everyone else wanting to do laundry i had to take up 4 washers and dryers. i couldnt carry everything at once so there was about a 15 minute delay in between starting them all. 38 minute cycles each so you would think that they would all finish 38 minutes later. right? nope. apparently i got the possessed washer that decided it would be a good idea to steam for a bit and then spend about 15 minutes stuck with 6 minutes left on the timer. meanwhile the other washer caught up and finished well before the one i pushed first. lost? so was i. no idea how that happened especially when the 6 minute dryer jumped from 6 to 2 in about 2 seconds. weird. took the stuff out of the washer and it was soaking.
clean clothes means they got wet.
don’t worry im not an idiot. these were SOAKING like completely dripping wet and there is no sink in the laundry room (i had to call my mom at this point to ask what to do). ringing them out in the washer did not work because it was a mattress cover thing which is huge so i took it outside and attempted to ring it out. did i mention that it is 10 degrees out? and snowing? good times.
it’s been in the dryer for 2 cycles now which is about 3 hours soooo it should hopefully be dry when i go down in a bit. all of the rest of the laundry is done and in trashbags in the kitchen. and if you have seen our kitchen that is no small feat. i’ll post pictures tomorrow. meanwhile ill attempt to get a little homework done, enjoy my internet and hopefully get to bed at a more reasonable hour. oh yes and watch HOCKEY! rangers and devils are playing tonight.
OH RIGHT. and dinner tonight was fantastic. i made chili over the weekend. i’ve been eating that for dinner lately. i froze a good 4 portions or so for another week too 🙂 but tonight instead of eating it as soup i used a lettuce bed and put the chili on top cold. so good! plus no work was needed and i hardly even needed to squeeze into the kitchen (trust me you’ll see tomorrow). i’m such a smart dinner planner oh man.

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