Don’t Stop Believin

January 15, 2010

Apartment is back to a state of livability, I’ve finished all of my ASL homework for the weekend, eaten dinner [lettuce with a veggie burger cut up on top mmm] plus I’ve finished all of the current episodes of the Office so I’m all set for when the season resumes next week. Now i’m working on finishing season 3 of How I Met Your Mother (yeah mom, i know i’m super behind laugh all you want 😉 ). Got some admissions work to finish up tonight, perhaps start my paper for deaf lit and finish my vocab cards for art history.

Sound goooddddd?
I like having three day weekends. Even though it’s not really a weekend tomorrow but I picked what I’m doing so I can’t complain. Working in the morning from 10-12:30, ice skating for an hour and then going back to work for a meeting. Tomorrow night is IV large group and who knows what afterwards. Hooray for the weekend.

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