January 22, 2010

this weekend is looking BUSY. work from now until 12:30 or so, grocery shopping, basketball game, skate for a cause, friend shenanigans… all today. saturday looks like.. an art history review session, video planning for work and an ntid play at night for my ASL class. sunday is church and small group events in downtown rochester. ANDD.. fitting homework and cooking somewhere in between all of that. perhaps a few hours of sleep?

also, why do i keep posting super emo photos of my roommate? it’s a photo project and i took 425 photos of her this week, no big deal. now for the editing of the photos, you’re getting to see them in pretty much real time. i’m slow guys, real slow. raw-camera raw edit- jpg regular editing. what is that mumbo jumbo anyway? not really sure, i just click the buttons and they look pretty. i’ll post the whole set of 10 at some point in time. and yes, this one is in fact in front of a dumpster. we got more than a few weird looks for that.
oh right right, i should do laundry this weekend too. after all i was boycotting it last week due to the fact that the week before i had to do four bajillion loads.
i should stop writing this immediately, my to do list is growing as i type.


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