week in review

January 29, 2010

let’s see. so this week i…

– officially moved into the admissions office. in the past 2 weeks i have work 45 hours. roughly 35 of those since last friday. in fact, it’s gotten to the point where the director of admissions has told me to get a life and go home. he first asked if i just wanted an office and to be on the full time staff. oh 9 hour work days.
– had the busiest monday in the history of mondays. seriously. that thing was epically long.
– missed an awesome performance by eric down in washington. i totally wish i was able to ninja my way down there to see it. got great reviews by Boobear Reviews Inc as well as other family members.
-sarah got an A on her math midterm. okay, so i admit that i had absolutely no doing in this matter. it was just cool, kay? yay boota! i’m still trying to find a way to one-up her 82 and then she goes and pulls this… making my life incredibly more difficult 🙂
-got an A on my art history test!! hooray for lots of studying finally paying off. guess there are As all around this week.
-spent my entire friday doing a photoshoot around campus with my friend casey for work stuff. more work.. yeah. but its fun!
– went to bruggers for grilled cheese and delicious tomato soup. i love friday lunch out rituals.
-went to bed at record early times. 10:30 and 10:45. YAY SLEEP.
and now for what i am doing this weekend.
tonight there is a game at 7 (we’ll be there at 5:30 not to worry). tomorrow night there is another game with a tailgate before. its the make the rink pink hockey game so we will all be wearing pink!

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