sundays are for cooking

January 31, 2010

roasted sweet potatoes with olive oil, basil, salt and pepper on top of some lettuce 🙂

goooddd brunch.
now time to work on some homework and video editing. got another photoshoot today. tonight’s dinner is looking like the leftover half of sweet potato and some roasted asparagus. yummm.
ashley and i made cookies this week. we didn’t have any chocolate chips so we improvised and added a crushed chocolate santa as well as a packet of hot chocolate powder. good alternatives. don’t worry, we went out and stocked up on chocolate chips for our next cookie craving.
last night’s hockey game was fun, unfortunately they lost 4-5 😦 first home game loss of the season. completely packed game. we went to the tailgate around 4 and walked over to get in line around 5:30 which was apparently not early enough. i felt like we were being herded through the door so many people were there. good game, lots of cheering. some post game shenanigans. got back around 4 am and fell asleep until it was time for church this morning. fun weekends!
tomorrow mornig at 6 am is registration, i should probably figure out what all i’m taking before then.

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