3 point hats

February 4, 2010

i’ve often found myself getting ready in the morning and reaching for my 3 point hat and black harry potter cloak. often, this is not enough to complete the whole ensemble so i decide that carrying a half gallon of chocolate milk will fill in the missing elements.

true story. seriously. there are some weird dress codes going on around here. i had to suppress my urge to whip out my camera and document the shenanigans walking in front of me.
i did bring out my camera around dinner time (taking a picture of food in your apartment is so much less creepy than taking one of some bozo trudging down the quarter mile)

sensing a trend in the dinner picks this week? if you guessed sweet potatoes and asparagus, you’re right!
in case you’re just dying for dinner ideas try:
roasted asparagus (with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, basil)
provolone cheese
whole wheat pasta
(and leftover sweet potato mound on the side)
cook the asparagus like you would normally except instead of eating it whole, cut it up and throw it into the pasta. (obviously when i’m cooking for one person i don’t even use half a box of pasta which means that there is plenty leftover for many other experiments.) while you’re cooking the pasta put the broccoli & cauliflower in 3 minutes before it’s done. drain accordingly. then throw it all back in the pot & add cheese and a little extra lemon juice 🙂 good, healthy & there are leftovers for another 2 meals. what good planning.

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