productivity is lacking.

February 10, 2010

so, i was being productive and all that fun stuff. hanging around in the graphic design lounge…

then the fire alarm went off.
really, guys? just had to be in the middle of my lovely extended break (10 am class got out early). so now i have relocated to the library after frantically searching around for a seat (it’s almost finals week, the place is packed). and now i only have about 25 minutes before i have to walk over to my next class. goooo figure.
got a little bit of editing done and then photoshop crashed before i could save 🙂 hopefully something gets done tonight or else i’m going to be in a whole lot of trouble!
and what do i do instead of jump back on the productivity bandwagon. i blog. yeah guys this is bad. real bad. if i could receive an A for every blog post i’d be in luck, however, i don’t think that’s how it works around here.


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