oreo hamburger smush

February 14, 2010

excellently busy weekend. yesterday morning was spent editing pictures for my photo project. it took 4 hours in the lab to finally figure out the printing and color setting levels and all those other shenanigans. but it’s done (aside from cutting it down). went to dinner at tc riley’s with mike… after taking the bus for the second time in my life, guess i need to get out more πŸ™‚ from dinner we walked over to LBJ and saw the NTID performance of Sleeping Beauty. it was SO good! I had no idea what to expect after the last performance we saw. this one was completely dance and signs which was pretty neat. they had super cool costumes.. which included light up fairy wands. the end was probably the best, after an entire performance using traditional tschaikowsky music they broke out into the black eyed peas hip hop song complete with a disco ball and everything. pretty awesome. walked back here and we made crushed oreo cream cheese balls, as seen above. so good. although the initial crushing of the oreos was in question. with no rolling pin we had to substitute the bottom of a plastic cup! seemed to work fairly well although a tad bit messy when i added the cream cheese. but it was tasty and so worth the mess. watched scary movie 4, the olympics and then a good 3 hours of food network! apparently after midnight i enjoy talking back to the tv πŸ™‚ especially because the food network only seemed to be covering french fry and disgustingly large hamburgers. woke up before 7 this morning (because i had inadvertedly turned off the heat last night so it was 2 degrees) and watched more food network and gilmore girls before going to church around 8:30.

here’s a picture of the tofu from last week πŸ™‚

happy valentines day everyone!! ❀

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