ash wednesday

February 18, 2010

spring break is tantalizingly close.

mycourses our online discussion and paper turn in site is not working which is quite frustrating but all that matters if that i am finished with my paper and presentation and aside from watching other people’s presentations at 8 am in the morning next thursday, i am done. wow that was a long sentence, i got out of breath just typing it. oh! apparently in mentioning it in my blog post, it decided that it could cooperate and upload my document, hooray!

finished up my photography critique and final today. typography final critique was today as well although i have a few changes i need to make and reprint so i most likely will not finish that up until next tuesday.

week ten apparently makes me extremely ADD. shiny objects, the olympics, online recipes.. you name it, i’ve been distracted by it. everything imaginable seems better than finishing up projects which is funny because i don’t even mind the projects. i just keep of thinking about so many other things i could be doing.

went to an interesting online blog thing today at the admissions office. when i say went to, it was just 3 counselors and me sitting in a room watching the computer. i think it’s called a webinar? some guy that is really good in dealing with higher ed marketing and what not was running it. glad i went, now the only problem is i have so many ideas floating around my head and no real time to put them into action. we’ll see.

dinners this week have been pretty relaxed. would have taken a picture of tonight’s but my camera died right as i clicked in the button. oops. reheated some frozen chili from months ago and mixed in some of the pineapple rice that i made last week and am still working on finishing. seriously, i made enough rice for a small army, who would have thought. also, i’ve been eating canned peaches all week and i finally finished them up today so i had a little extra juice left which i mixed with some VG splash. good thinking. just ate some frozen raspberries and strawberries after class. i gave up chocolate for lent and luckily i gave away those oreo balls to my bible study group on monday so i don’t have those taunting me.

now, it’s bedtime. yes, that’s right it’s currently before 10:30. but 6:30 am always comes sooner than i think and i think after a day of finals and finishing a paper i deserve a good amount of sleep. my body will thank me tomorrow morning.


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