bedtime: headphones required

February 19, 2010

on monday they installed a lovely bug counting device on the bedroom floor. good idea in theory. except when you factor in the loud beeping noise every 5 seconds. literally. every 5 seconds. all night.

it certainly does not make for ideal sleeping conditions. sure, it’s fine once i’ve fallen asleep but getting to that point is not pleasant. which is why i’ve been starting to get in bed around 10 or 10:30 this week in anticipation of it taking forever. i’ve taken to listening to my ipod and putting a blanket and pillow over my head. last night took, oh.. maybe 3 hours. i eventually gave up and moved out to sleeping on the couch. much better plan. except then i woke up around 6:45 and couldn’t fall back asleep. so here i am, watching gilmore girls until a more reasonable hour. going over to casey’s in a while to work on some video editing and what not.

speaking of sleeping and all that.. yesterday i had an 8 am class. i have to leave at 7:30 or i won’t make it on time because it’s on the complete opposite side of campus. so i set my alarm for 6:30 to have enough time to get ready. well, go figure… alarm didn’t go off yesterday. so i woke up on my own and was immediately surprised by how light 6:30 was… uhmm, that’s because it was 7:26. so, grabbed some clothes, threw on shoes and ran off to class. the night before it had so nicely snowed 4 inches and they hadn’t plowed anything which meant that i got to run through snow piles. but i made it to class on time! except class only lasted about 20 minutes (we only reviewed about 4 things…) which was super annoying because it took me longer to freak out and run over there than the actual time spent in class. but i got to go to work early and then leave an hour and a half before, so yay.

oh! good news. so next year i’m moving in with casey and two other girls into a UC apartment (the nicest ones on campus!). i’m so excited but yesterday got even more exciting when i found out that it is being renovated over the summer! which means an entirely new apartment and furniture. i’m thinking that this is some way of making up for the past year in housing 🙂 i just wish it was next fall already!!


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