backyard kickball games

February 21, 2010

do you ever have like literally every part of your life fall into place?

well, not every part but close enough. it’s funny because it’s never in the ways i would have imagined or wished for but even better. you can’t even plan things like this.
i have a desire to work with children and families that are in need.
oh, so you mean i can go downtown and work with a refugee family with 5 kids? check.
if i wasn’t a graphic design major, i’d major in social work. i’m not even entirely sure why i feel that way but i do.
the two people working with the family aren’t even social workers, just two people with an incredible love and passion for helping people.
i love blogging.
the social workers that work with this family are looking for people to help blog for their project.
i’m interested in helping out more.
they have more families that need help and are desperately looking for more volunteers.
i’d love to mix graphic design with a non profit job once i graduate.
apparently there is a company looking for designers to help with adoption cases and marketing?
seriously?! this makes me wish i didn’t require sleep. so much to do, no time to do it.
(this picture is from a few weeks ago when we went. and it’s missing over half of the kids ๐Ÿ™‚ )

if you couldn’t already tell from the beginning of this post, i went downtown to hang out with the refugee family again. this time, on top of their 5 kids, 3 more kids from downstairs came up to join us which meant one FULL house! but lots of fun. played kickball in the backyard until someone kicked the ball on the snow covered roof ๐Ÿ™‚ so we walked 5 or so blocks to the nearest sledding hill and went sledding! tons of fun, i even went down once. the hill was huge! it was so funny, they brought an inner tube that was so big for the kids so we had to squish about 5 of them on it. only downside of the experience was my COLD toes. seriously frozen! they are still defrosting.
now it’s time to make some oatmeal cookies and get ready for the USA Canada hockey game! hooray for good weekends. i didn’t update the past two days but it included much hanging out, hockey, late night Jay’s diner runs and other fun things. oh, i did go to an art history review session so yes i did remember that this is finals week coming up! no finals tomorrow though ๐Ÿ™‚
sometime this week i’ll write up a post talking more about the ROW project when i have more time.

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