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February 27, 2010

new feature: twitter feed on the right column. i was really skeptical of this invention at first. who the heck cares what i am doing every second of my life but then i realized that i could talk about all of the hockey i wanted and no one could yell at me 🙂 so, i’ve started updating more frequently ya know.. to test out the waters.

RIT game last night was excellent. they won 8-0 can’t complain about a game like that! great goaltending and play all around. back at the rink tonight at 7:05 for another shot at canisius. watched miracle this morning. the USA Finland game yesterday. Canada game too. tomorrow is the USA Canada men’s gold game. and next wednesday the Capitals are back at it playing the Sabres. yay hockey! it’s been suggested that i get on a 12 step program to recovery… 🙂 that won’t be necessary! there is no such thing as too much hockey.
anyway, i’m all packed and ready to go. stayed up until 4 something in the morning last night so maybe we won’t try that again because my flight is at 6:50 am 🙂 looking forward to a week of break and hanging out.
i’m coming traveling buddyyyyy.

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