February 28, 2010

dear mom & dad,
i’m going to need a nap. let me explain.

it’s 4:30 in the morning, which happens to be the time i was getting ready for bed yesterday.

last night i called the cab company expecting to, you know… get a call back confirming. so i stayed up until 11 waiting but didn’t hear back so i called another one and requested a 4:45 am pick up because of snow etc. ended up not falling asleep until almost 1:30 am. set my alarm for 4:15 to allow for 30 minutes for whatever.
around 3:30 am my phone rings. when i say it rang. what it really did was scare the crap out of me. i literally jumped up because i thought it was my alarm. but apparently it was some number i didn’t recognize so i didn’t pick up. laid there for 5 minutes before they called back and i picked up.
conversation with the lady on the phone
her: “hello, so would you be ready in 15 minutes”
me: (still totally out of it) “uhmmm it’s 3:30 in the morning, i requested a 4:45 pick up”
her: “yeah but i’ll be there in 15 minutes, can you be ready”
me: “…”
so that, is how i ended up at the airport at 4 am long before i was even supposed to get up.
also, on the way over we were sitting at a red light and the cab driver was complaining about how long it was taking to switch. she kept telling me about those little poles that tell them when a car is on it but they weren’t working today. uhmm, okay? just wait until it turns green. the lady turns to me and goes “do you think they’d care if i went on red??” hahahhah seriously?! what a fruitcake. she did go on red. and luckily did not get caught. probably because it was 4 am. but even if we did get caught, it would have been already because i probably still would have had a good 2 hour wait at the airport.
anyway, i’m here now. security was good too..and i guess i’m in a conversation mood this morning…
tsa: “do you have a shirt on?”
me: “uhmm yeah……”
tsa: would you mind taking that sweatshirt off?”
me: “okay..”
tsa: “that wouldn’t be a hassle would it”
me: (thinking silently, no because traveling with no liquids, taking off my shoes, emptying my backpack of electronics and taking off my coat was not already enough of a hassle) “nope”
i have never ever once taken off my sweatshirt going through security. not even that time that i got caught with a box cutter by accident last year.
to make things better, i got to the gate and checked facebook & saw one of my friends status’s said they were also in the rochester airport!! so i had someone to talk to for at least a while 🙂
now the debate on whether or not to get breakfast because my stomach is already growling and i’m not even taking off for another hour.
but see you soon!
a soon to be delirious skeeter.

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