oodles of noodles

March 7, 2010

just got back in to Rochester today around 2. woke up early to go to sarah’s volleyball tournament this morning. had the bumpiest landing ever, for some strange reason we flew all the way up part way over lake ontario and then circled around while randomly dropping losing speed and then speeding up and going higher it was so strange but made me so thankful when we finally touched down. the cab ride home was hilarious and so worth the 20 bucks. this guy was quite the chatter and apparently had no idea what “the internet” was so i got to explain that all to him. he didn’t understand the concept that you could look up absolutely anything and find out about it. he kept asking if he could learn about coins on “the internet”. he thanked me profusely for teaching him about this and asked if he could pay money and take a class about the internet.

got in and unpacked. got some groceries, bought all of my books for the quarter.. about 5 million dollars worth of them. but at least that’s all taken care of. now just time for some relaxing and getting ready for classes starting tomorrow!!
i have this ring which i found who knows where about 4 years ago has gone missing. i play with it on my finger all of the time and it has never once gotten lost but it has recently gotten much larger, or my finger much smaller? hopefully it turns up sometime soon 🙂 i’m not too worried about it just kind of funny that it took 4 years to loose. my finger kind of feels funky without it.
and i’m continuing to postpone this spring break post.. tonight perhaps??

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