March 17, 2010

life is full of unexpected surprises.
i guess it wouldn’t be a surprise if it was expected 🙂

this morning 10 people showed up for class (normally supposed to have around 20). 9 were guys + me. hooray rit ratio. okay, that wasn’t a surprise just an observation about today.

fantastic weather <– surprise… i just wore short sleeves today and i was BURNING. love the sun & the longer hours of light!

made green cupcakes with green icing for small group tonight in honor of st patricks day which is tomorrow!

got some of a storyboard finished for my animation/flash class.

at work today i took 20 or so trips up and down the stairs fetching various odds and ends. plus i got to roll around on the floor and vacuum little tiny places and fabreeze the place <– the good stuff!

also, does anyone feel like this week is going superrrrrrr slowwwwwwww. oh my goodness how is it only tuesday night. not to worry, i have plenty of things to fill my time with im just surprised because usually when i’m busy time goes by quickly.

now time for a shower & bed. my 10 pm bedtime failed tonight because of small group but that’s okay 🙂


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