don’t judge a day by it’s cover

March 18, 2010

wednesday night started out like any other night. got into bed around 11:30, granted i did have some problems falling asleep so i didn’t fully fall asleep until after 12:30.

slept for one solid hour, no problems.

then the phone rang. 585-475…? looked familiar but at 1:30 in the morning nothing really makes a lot of sense. then i got one text message.. then another… “take cover, possible armed suicidal person on campus. go into nearest room. lock or barricade the door. follow instructions from authorites”

okay, i’m awake now.

barricade my door?? is that supposed to bring a sense of comfort to the situation? riverknoll is basically as thin as cardboard so i’m pretty sure barricading would do nothing helpful. regardless, ashley checked to make sure the door was in fact locked and we remained awake contemplating what in the world was going on. around 2:00 we get another two texts and two phone calls from the emergency alert people saying all clear. except people had run rampant on social media sites already. facebook was claiming two dead in colony manor an apartment complex on campus. some other people claimed that there was a person overdosing in another apartment complex. and twitter was talking about tazers. quite frankly we had absolutely no clue what was going on. no sirens to be heard except then pictures started coming out online. sol 7… surprisingly close to the sol 6 floor i lived on last year. apparently two guys were drunk, one was potentially suicidal.. the cops or someone received a phone call alerting them of this so they came, complete with a SWAT team, ambulance and millions of cops. some guy ended up getting tazed. that’s about as much of the situation that i currently know. the rochester democrat and chronicle posted some stuff as did wham-13 news.

finally fell back asleep around 3:15 or 3:30. accidentally slept through my alarm at 6:30 for my 8 am class and fortunately at least i woke up at 7:30 and managed to throw on some clothes and make it to class by 8:00.

that class was a disaster because i was already in a bad mood from not getting much sleep plus the flash application that i was working with crashed not one but seven times without saving my work. go figure.

art history, went to work for an hour or so, stepped in a huge muddy field and got my shoe stuck. you know how those days go.

yesterday also happens to be one of my favorite holidays. i think the list looks something like: thanksgiving, fat tuesday, st patricks day… okay, i realize it’s a little weird because i’m not irish and i’m not into the partying aspects of the holiday but i just really like green. after class got out around 6, it was so nice that we decided to get sandwiches & shamrock shakes and eat them outside! we ended up driving to the mall in pittsford after that and wandered around looking for orange pants and shoes for the hockey game. no luck but it was fun anyway 🙂

now, after quite possibly the longest, most dragged out, week of my life.. it’s thursday!! which means volleyball in an hour and work tomorrow then i’m DONE! there is a hockey game tomorrow night at 4:05 pm which i’m super excited for. it’s downtown at the blue cross arena and should be a great game! i think we’re looking at going out to dinner afterwards and then there is another hockey game on saturday if they win on friday so i should probably get my homework done tonight, huh? 🙂 busy weekend!


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