moo shoo

March 23, 2010

i’m listening to a combination of the jonas brothers, veggie tales and classic disney while eating carrots.

this just occurred to me that it’s rather strange. i don’t know why, but i feel like the eating carrots was the tipping point.

since no one else is around, i figured i’d turn it into a blog post.

SO many tests this week. one tomorrow, 2 wednesday, 1 thursday. 2 applications due, one wednesday and 1 friday. plus a storyboard/beginning of an animation due on wednesday.

working every night this week from 5-8 for phone power.

going to albany on friday! ncaa hockey game! have to work in the morning from 7:45-9 and then we’re leaving right away to make the 3.5 hour drive over there for a 3 pm game.

i should probably stop procrastinating and get some homework done before bedtime! and “do the moo shoo” from veggie tales is coming on next so i think that deserves my undivided attention. (can you tell that i make titles for posts when i’m done writing? :P)


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