frustration and relief

April 6, 2010


that’s a good word for it.

learning patience, value of real friends, alone time and the need to walk away.

i honestly don’t even think i can fully describe the extent of what is going on right now. i’m so exhausted and frustrated by it that it’s sometimes easier to just ignore things and figure out whatever makes me happier.

i apologize if this is really depressing sounding, everything is fine really, i’m just slightly overwhelmed by things to think about.

i have really great friends. really, really great. the kind that i can spend 6 hours outside with waiting in line in the freezing cold. the kind that i can go home with and feel totally comfortable. the kind that i can just escape with for an hour or two to cool off. the kind i can just rant to for hours about the amusing situations that go on here and they don’t even seem to mind.

i’m convinced that this is all supposed to be teaching me something. i mean honestly? what else am i supposed to get out of this.

anyway, enough analyzing of ambiguous things.

easter was excellent! went to church with a bunch of people from IV in the morning. the fathers house always does easter right. it’s so cool to have worship in a room filled with hundreds of people who would like to be no where else at that given moment. i’ve started volunteering there too which means that i’m finally meeting people from outside of RIT! this sunday officially marked one year of going there, seems weird how much has changed in that year.

after church i came back here and hung around for a few hours before heading to buffalo with kara and jared. it was so nice to have easter dinner with family around– even if they weren’t my family! lots of eating and chatting about hockey 🙂 so glad that i got to go and get off campus for a while, it’s a nice change of pace and definitely a heck of a lot more fun than eating by myself. don’t worry real family, i’ll still give ya a second chance 😉

tomorrow is completely packed from 8 am until 10 pm with classes, group projects which is good because i’ll come back and crash. wednesday i have two midterms and a dominican/american small group dinner-get together which should be fun. then on thursday i’m leaving for DETROIT!!! so excited! 🙂


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