my planner is exploding

April 15, 2010

Honestly have not been spending that much time on the computer lately.. and by that I mean I’m technically in a lab a lot but not necessarily doing anything other than flash animation or writing papers.

Between admissions, video filming, time based class, small group, the refugee family, our messed up apartment, and like 400 other things that need attention… I’ve had no time!
Last Friday I got an email saying that I was accepted to the honors program ๐Ÿ™‚ I applied about three weeks ago and then had an interview a week after that.
I’m filming more stuff tonight (in about an hour), then working on homework and laundry all night. Tomorrow morning I’m working the admissions open house all morning until a meeting thing at NTID around 12. Giving a tour at 2 and then I originally had another meeting at 4 but that was cancelled so I’m going to work on my flash project in the lab instead. Saturday morning I’m meeting someone from a club that i’m doing the design for next year and then I have an art history review session followed by more lab time. After that I’m being in a photoshoot for someone who needed a model. More homework after that and then I might (key word) get to possibly hang out? We’ll see. Sunday morning is church and then going downtown for the refugee family. Then a volleyball game and homework.
I find it amusing to look at my calendar but it’s all stuff I want to be doing (and i signed myself up for) so it’s okay. I have about four to-do lists all around various places in case I misplace one.
I really need to find a way to get this flash video uploaded online after I finish — which will not be for sometime. I also have a press kit to put together for another class but that’s not nearly as exciting to look at.
Currently in the middle of looking at some internship type things for the summer, I’m keeping my options open.. so we’ll see where that is all going ๐Ÿ™‚ April-June is completely booked. I’m trying to keep myself busy all summer because it might be my last flexible one (this is, of course, hoping that someone hires me!)
I cannot believe that next week is week seven. Where in the world is this quarter going??? Apparently I have 3rd year status because I keep overloading on classes and I also have honors status which means I get to sign up for classes super early which is a definite plus.
OH YES… and playoff hockey starts tonight for the caps!!! 7pm puck drop.

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