May 5, 2010

if you’ve been wondering what i’ve been spending all of my time in the labs doing while it’s sunny and 80 degrees out.. here ya go.

it looks better when it hasn’t been converted through 3 different file extensions, i promise all of the words are fixed on the original but for some reason it sticks when you save it as a quicktime movie =(

it’s not entirely done yet but i guess i can quit apologizing because people won’t know the difference!

only two more animation things to finish, few papers to write, 2 tests to take and i’m out of here!

finally getting over being sick (aside from waking up and not being able to hear out of my left ear but that was only a minor inconvenience).

laundry and homework to do tonight.. oh yeah did i mention that it’s the WEEKEND!! i just finished up one final test and as soon as i leave this lab i’m done with classes for the week! this weekend is busy but should be fun, tomorrow is volleyball, lab time, meeting at work, video editing for admissions and some other homework. friday is work, lab time and a bonfire about 30-40 minutes east of RIT with a bunch of IV people =) saturday there is a cluster event in the morning, a homework filled afternoon/evening and spring fest! sunday is church, volunteering and then going down to see the refugee family. oh yes and FLASH!

i think everything is under control =)


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