the rain came down and the floods came up

May 6, 2010

as if i needed something else added to my plate…

yesterday i started noticing that it was getting increasingly more difficult to type. i’d try typing something and it would dart all over the page without me even coming close to touching the touchpad.

i had a paper due at 6 pm.

that paper did not get turned in my 6 pm. slightly frustrating.

so i called sarah and had her type it up for me and then email it back because just about the only thing i could do with my computer was hopefully click 3 buttons and send off an email that she forwarded. HUGE THANK YOU to boobear =) my homework is getting done from remote locations, i should try this more often.

i would have gone to the lab but it was monsooning out and thunderstorming so i figured that didn’t seem like a very bright idea.

anyway, got the paper turned in and then settled in to figure out what in the world was wrong with my computer because it was pretty much completely unusable at this point. found a few forums that talked about sliding a piece of paper underneath to get dust or something out if that was the problem. i also noticed that my click bar thing was getting higher and higher. which was when i found someone’s comment about exploding batteries…

turned the computer over and sure enough my battery was, in fact, quite large. i had also read something about how you’re not supposed to put it back in because people who did that had it explode in the actual computer and it screws everything up.

so needless to say, i unplugged that thing faster than you can imagine and took that puppy out. this morning i ordered a new battery so hopefully it will come soon!! it’s week nine…

oh goodness. luckily the labs should be opened and everything will be under control. i did get a lot of art history studying done last night because it didn’t require a computer =)

we had horrible thunderstorms last night with tornado looking skies and i was just hoping that my little tent of an apartment would hold up.

at this point i’m just bracing myself for any other major catastrophes.


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