la vie boheme

May 8, 2010

i have been far from productive today thus far as i have accomplished approximately… nothing.

unless of course, you consider cutting up zucchini, moving a chair and cleaning about three things up being productive.. yeah, didn’t think so.

quite alight.

yesterday included work, posing for a friend’s photo shoot, going to dunkin donuts for a mid-photo shoot coffee, wee bit of homework and lots of hanging out! the IV bonfire was last night except that was cancelled due to all of the bad weather we have been having so they moved it on campus inside the campus center and it was equally as enjoyable.

my new laptop battery came in today. much appreciated. it exploded two days ago or so. and it’s week nine so i quickly ordered a new one which thankfully came before tonight because for the past few nights we’ve been having really bad storms so i can’t even plug in my computer (you can run a laptop off of only outlet power) because of fear of frying the thing. and we all know my luck lately, so i’m not taking any chances.

outside it sounds like the apartment is going to come crumbling down. we’re under some severe weather wind watch for today/tonight. it’s been pouring rain, thunder storming, windy and generally not very pleasant for the past few days.

they’re calling for snow tonight. not pleased.

i was watching a movie on tv until they decided to cut out and go to the NYY/BOS baseball game which is slightly less exciting to watch while doing homework. at least for today.


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