art history

May 18, 2010

this is pretty much what my life has looked like for the past few days.

i guess i’m thankful that i only have one stressful final to study for because i don’t have to divide my time very much but i just want to get it over already!!

the test is tomorrow morning at 8 am which is not a very fantastic time for a final if you ask me. but i’d rather get it over with sooner rather than dreading it all day long. if i don’t know the answers now, i might never =)

the library has apparently decided that keeping it chilly with a breeze will keep people awake? that’s the only logical explanation for this nonsense. i think i’m going to turn into a popsicle.

i’m running low on my pandora hours, it’s better than itunes because theyre good at guessing what i want to hear and i don’t have to goof around with switching between songs when i don’t like one.

i think i’ve shared this on here before, but it’s just so good i have to again.. plus i can count it as “studying”

70 Million by Hold Your Horses ! from L’Ogre on Vimeo.


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