the mysterious ticking noise

May 19, 2010

i guess the ticking noise is not so mysterious because i know exactly where it is coming from..

the “co2 human” that has now been brought back to our room. lovely.

they were supposed to bring it on monday but apparently the exterminator guy got in a car accident so they came yesterday morning instead.. while i was in the shower. go figure i wait around all morning and the 15 minute i decided to take a shower… needless to say that was the fastest i have ever gotten dressed. they installed it and we all went on our way.

yesterday was spent studying. a lot. my art history test was this morning at 8 am so i was packing in as much last minute memorizing indepth concept remembering that i could. “so the archways look like an 8 if you tilt your head sideways and squint one eye, good because that was made in 1880”

around 4 i got called in for some technical video help which turned out to take longer than expected but it was alright because i was pretty much ready for any excuse not to be staring at art. studied after dinner onwards and called it quits around midnight because there was just no hope of jamming anymore information into my brain.. it might explode.

bedtime was less than stellar in that after about 10 minutes of trying to fall asleep in my bed i gave up and slept on the living room floor instead. im convinced that the clicking from that machine has gotten much louder and much more annoying than last time. so with my door shut and a blanket over my head i finally fell asleep.

got the test over with early this morning and then went back to the rink to help out with more video editing stuff which after four hours finally worked. went to lovin cup with kara and jared for lunch while it uploaded and then went to work for the rest of the afternoon. not a bad day if you ask me especially because i had the pleasure of beginning it bright and early with a 70 question multiple choice test.

tomorrow i have a final in the morning and then i’m planning on working for the rest of the morning. afternoon is laundry, flash and other errand type things. then friday is the last day of the quarterrrrr.

my summer plans are still being edited down. we’ll see what happens.


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