sleeping with one eye open

June 6, 2010

so let’s imagine this for a second…

you wake up bright an early in the morning, proceed to get ready and just as you walk through the living room something under the door catches your eye.

thought it was odd because a) not many people are left in riverknoll, especially in my building. and b) not a lot of my friends know where i live…
so i took a closer look…

well now.
you have my attention.
i started trying to rack my brain, what time did i go to bed? did i hear anyone? well that’s silly, i had clearly gone to bed around 10 pm and that was not going to help. plus, i didn’t recognize the handwriting at all.
but i had a suspect. two rather.
of course, these pictures were reenactments because i’m pretty sure the only thing that was going through my brain at the time that i picked up the note and opened the door to leave for work is “man i really hope i don’t open the door to someone out here because i’d be toast” or something along those lines.
my first inclination was not to grab my camera and document the evidence. although, i do remember thinking that it would make for a good blog post.
so suspect has been properly located and all is well in the world.
that was until the next night when i was all settled in bed and something decided to go flying off of the wall. BOOM.
okay now, no longer interested in trying to sleep.
i got up searched the 3 items left i have in this apartment and was particularly puzzled because it’s not as though i have anything on the walls anyway and i have no roommates or neighbors to blame thing on.
needless to say, i acted like a 5 year old and slept with the kitchen light on, covers full covering me and my hands fully inside the boundaries of my bed. after all, if no appendages are hanging off.. the monsters can’t get me. clearly good logic.
not to worry. apparently a fridge magnet decided to come crashing down.
the thunderstorm two nights ago was just icing on the cake to excellent bedtime experiences.


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