blogging goes further than just writing

June 21, 2010

on top of keeping up with this blog and my RIT one, i read.

a lot.
i follow more blogs than perhaps a person should on a regular basis.
basically google reader is the best thing ever invented because it gives me the up to date notice of someone posting. fantastic huh? so just when i thought i was finished procrastinating..*ding* new post. what a great way to avoid actually doing anything other than reading about what other people do in their lives.
one bad good thing about blogs is that they do a lot of linking to sites or video of things that you would have otherwise never seen.
the blogs i follow range from more corporate things such as

Puck Daddy: an NHL blog which is comprised of multiple authors all talking about, you guessed it.. hockey!
to design oriented sites like

Design Milk
The Design Blog
or more personal blogs that I’ve found based off of links seen on design*sponge or other websites…
Young House Love (found through Design*Sponge i believe)
1000 Awesome Things (check this one out, they post once a day about something that is super awesome that most people can relate to but don’t really think about.) such as: #501 Picking the fastest moving line at the grocery store checkout or #511 The moment on vacation when you forget what day of the week it is
Bower Power
Dump ‘n’ Chase
or even RIT related ones =)
Tiger Beat Blog
you just never know when you’re going to find priceless videos such as this one..

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