to sporcle

June 3, 2010

i could really go for getting out of work at 2 pm everyday. it’s really fantastic.

especially when you spend a bunch of hours sporcling with cool people and finding out that you should all probably be sent back to elementary school to relearn the presidents and capitals of the united states.
today was some corporate challenge that took over the entire campus. we’re talking lines and lines of port-a-pottys here guys. serious marathon looking equipment. apparently a bunch of corporations come on campus and set up little tents and cheer for each other and eat lots of vendor food and use the 600 port-a-pottys that are gracing the edge of the parking lot across from the admissions office.
it was like watching a mad dash at 2:00 when everyone was released. they wanted everyone to close down then and go home to allow time for them put the campus together and let hundreds of companies gather together for the 5k race at 8. too bad it looks stormy outside.
in other news, i have clean laundry and i finally made un-dry tofurky thanks to a wegmans run with kara. they sell mini tomato sauce jars. good deal.
i also have had an unusually good day when it comes to people holding doors for me. unusual because i am one of a handful of people left in riverknoll and let’s face it, how many out of a handfull of people choose to do their laundry at 6:15 at night on thursday.. yeah, i have some good luck. let’s just say that i am not so graceful when it comes to carrying large amounts of laundry downstairs and around the building.
little over a week left in rochester before heading home =)

inside the cloud

June 3, 2010

Inside the Cloud

winging it

June 2, 2010

so it seems as though i have gotten a lot of “why are you vegetarian” questions lately.

i just am. i don’t like meat. never really have.

i have a distinct memory of sitting at the dining room table (in the spot over by the newspaper bin, in case you were questioning my memory, mom) crying because i did not want to eat chicken. that must have been a long time ago.

i don’t think i was ever really meant to eat meat. veggies are just so… good.

anyway, i was at a bbq the other day trying to explain this while large raw steaks were being grilled. thus the story of the cow in the closet was born.

so many people asked why i didn’t eat meat that somehow (i’m still not entirely sure how it started) i came up with some story about how i was forced to sit in a closet with a dead cow for an extended period of time. the story probably had to do with the fact that i have been asked that question a million times and never seem to give a good enough answer. that one, however, seemed to please.

i did not, in fact, ever have to be anywhere close to a dead cow. but i’m tempted to use this answer in the future because of the reactions it got… “ohh okay, well that makes sense”
good. now that we’ve cleared that all up…
onto vegetarian dinners!
wandering around wegmans for an hour by yourself can lead to some rather random/impulsive purchases.

tofurky has always been one of those things that i’ve joked about trying but never actually have. so when the perfect opportunity arose (aka i’m living by myself and don’t have to subject anyone else to it) i jumped at the chance.
it’s pretty decent. i have to say that i did not do such a good job of cooking it, mostly because it was dry and i’m out of spaghetti sauce. but i have some other plans up my sleeve for the rest of it. the flavor, however, is quite good. i would have to say it’s close to sausage (as close as i can remember anyway).
another thing checked off my life long to do list.

book in 60 seconds

June 1, 2010

Angela & Ithyle – Kindle “Fly Me Away” from Doug Stephen, The Rep on Vimeo.

this post could have also been appropriately titled:

  • how to cook without measuring spoons
  • how to grab a hot pan out of the oven sans hot pad
  • why google is my best friend
  • you don’t always need brown sugar even if they insist that you do
but not to worry, everything turned out according to plan, my quarter sized guesstimating skills received a confidence boost and i did not, in fact, burn myself while attempting to get the pan out of the oven.
thanks mom for the photo backdrops =)

Best decision for detox from school/life ever. A week in the Adirondacks surrounded by nothing but friends, music, a lake and nature. I guess a lake is nature but we can argue that later.

I mean, seriously, who would not want to have free time where you can lay back and look at a view like that? RIT should really consider moving it’s campus. Stress levels (along with completed homework) would decrease significantly.
A bunch of us piled in cars last Saturday afternoon and headed 4.5 (?) hours up to Saranac lake in the far reaches of Northern NY (aka land of no cell service).
The week was full of bible studies, great food, awesome worship with roughly 100 other college students from around NY/NJ and lots and lots of time outside. For real. I’ve never been so “tan”.
From around 7 am whenever we got up to either go running or have early morning prayer until midnight or later when we were finally finished hanging out in the hot tub or playing basketball, we were outside. It was fantastic. It was rather amusing during sessions because everyone from RIT would rush outside to play frisbee and soak it all in because we are apparently the lone college who doesn’t see sunlight on a regular basis.

Every morning after breakfast we got an hour for quiet time that could be spent wherever. Mine was on the dock =) It was excellent except for the morning after it rained one night and i laid down only to get completely soaked. Oh well!

On Tuesday we had what they call a “retreat of silence” which meant a super long quiet time (4 hours) whenever you wanted to wander and just be alone. I spent mine around this rock with the view seen above. Uh, hello retreat of silence during week 5 of spring quarter.. where were you?

After quiet time, the morning session and lunch we got two hours of free time to be spent however. The first day I played volleyball for the entire time but that got to be a bit exhausting and the sand was a little toasty on the toes so for future free times I either waded (one day I got thrown in) in the water or went kayaking. Two days I went on the motor boat with people who were tubing. I was trying to talk myself into going tubing but it just didn’t happen. I need to get over my fear of large open water that is not a pool first. Maybe next year if I go back =)

At night after dinner there was worship and a speaker. My favorite song by far was Hakuna Munug Kama Wewe (video clip below from Urbana 2009 which i regret not going to).

Left on Thursday around 4 and got back around 10 after a stop at Cracker Barrel for dinner.

One of the highlights was actually during a thunderstorm on the last night (which i was not exactly that thrilled about because we were outside on a mountain under trees….) but we found a covered bridge that connected two buildings and sat in there while people took turns requesting songs, singing and talking =) Good way to spend the last night even if the rain did cancel the bonfire.

Overall just a fantastic week, I missed it the minute we got back to RIT. A blog post just doesn’t really do it justice.